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Podcast With Dr. Gertman
Richard Gertman, an expert in waste management and an alumnus of a U.S. State Department Speaker Program to Indonesia to discuss waste management best practices and how the U.S. and Indonesia have developed better ways to be more sustainable within waste management practices.
AIFIS Podcast Transcription
AIFIS is a consortium of American universities and colleges that [are] keen to further the development of Indonesian studies in the United States. The main goals of the Institute are to foster scholarly exchange between Indonesian and U.S. scholars, to promote educational and research efforts by U.S. scholars in Indonesia, and to facilitate visits by Indonesian scholars to the United States to advance research on Indonesia.
Podcast with Brian Harding & Andreyka Natalegawa at CSIS
This podcast will grant insight into the incredible work they both have achieved in their respective roles at CSIS, as well as a deeper understanding into U.S.-Indonesian relations.
Podcast With Didiet Maulana, Creative Director of IKAT Indonesia
Didiet Maulana is an Indonesian designer on the rise. He is a graduate of the Parahyangan Catholic University in Bandung, West Java, with an architecture degree. In 2011, he founded his brand called IKAT Indonesia with a mission to reinforce Indonesian woven fabrics.
Podcast Transcription Mubariq Ahmad
Mubariq Ahmad, Director of the Indonesian Conservation Strategy Foundation. He has a career of more than 30 years as an economic policy researcher and professional activist in various organizations, such as the World Bank, WWF, and the LEI / Indonesian Ecolabel Institute. He also led the development and part of Indonesia's national REDD + strategy writing team. He received his Ph.D. in Natural Resources and Environmental Economics from Michigan State University and a Master of Arts in Economics from Columbia University and an economics degree from the University of Indonesia.
US-ASEAN and KADIN Podcast Transcript
Ms. Shinta Kamdani from KADIN along with Mr. Alexander Feldman, President and CEO of the US-ASEAN Business Council to discuss their experiences in Southeast Asian trade and economics.
Dr. Kyes and Dr. Iskandar Podcast Transcript
Entang Iskandar, Lecturer at the Primatology Postgraduate Program-Bogor Agricultural University/Associate Director at the Primate Research Center, and Dr. Randall Kyes, Research Research Professor at the University of Washington in the Deptartment of Psychology, Director of the Center for Global Field Study, and Core Scientist at the Washington National Primate Research Center. This podcast will gain insight into their partnership and specifically their joint Field Training Program on Tinjil Island.
Next Level Indonesia Podcast Transcript
Next Level is an initiative of the U.S. Department of State, Meridian International Center, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Its mission is to build global community through hip hop culture.
Indonesian Farmers Combat Bird Flu
Bambang Sutrisno, a successful poultry farmer in the Semarang district of Central Java, had to destroy two-thirds of his flock of chickens during the 2003 bird flu outbreak.
Indonesian Music and Culture
The role of Gamelan and traditional Indonesian music in cross cultural exchange between Indonesia and the United States.
Journey Home
Baby leatherback sea turtles head toward the ocean, 2010
IUWASH Podcast Transcription
IUWASH PLUS is a USAID project in collaboration with the government of Indonesia to increase access to safely-managed water sources and safely-managed sanitation
The American Red Cross Podcast Transcription
Sydney Morton from the American Red Cross and Arifin Muhammad Hadi from the Indonesian Red Cross to discuss their experiences working for the Red Cross after the natural disasters in fall 2018 in Indonesia.
Podcast Transcription Dr. Kinari Webb
Dr. Kinari Webb, founder of Health in Harmony and dr. Monica Ruth Nirmala, advisor in the pilot program ASRI, to discuss their experiences implementing medical and conservation programs in the communities of West Kalimantan. Our hope is that this podcast will grant insight into the incredible work they achieved in the region as well as the tools and approaches behind their highly successful programs.
U.S Embassy Visits Lung Barang
The U.S Embassy team went on an 14-hour trip to Lung Barang to commemorate the courage of the Dayak tribe who rescued 11 U.S pilots whose planes were shot down within Kalimantan area during World War II.
Dangdut Cowboys at 'Konser Dangdut Mendunia'
Dangdut Cowboys were the stars of Konser Dangdut Mendunia in Jakarta.
Rocking with Dangdut Cowboys
Dangdut Cowboys performed in front of students of SMKN 11 Medan.
U.S. and Indonesia Celebrate 70 Years of Ties
The launch of the 70th anniversary of U.S.-Indonesia diplomatic ties was marked by a piano concert in collaboration with Bandung Philaharmonic.
Trivia Quiz about Indonesia for US Ambassador
From diving to batik, these are some things which interest US Ambassador.
The Vanilla Connection
Vanilla farmer Augustinos Daka connects to U.S. markets

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