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Using Community Knowledge to Innovate

YSEALI and East-West Center alumnae Nesha Ichida and Anissa Megia Sari, with support from NGOs focusing in the Savu Sea region of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia and fellow alumni of the East-West Center, decided to combine their knowledge of the marine world to start a collaborative project. Laut Community iLab is a tool for solving marine and coastal environmental issues that empowers local voices and turns community knowledge into innovative new ideas.

The prototype of Laut Community iLab was designed and tested at Rote Island in Indonesia. The iLab session created an opportunity to discuss solutions for unsustainable fishing practices that occur around the island. As a result of the discussions, Laut Community iLab designed a Responsible Seafood Subscription program, which is a platform that supports fishermen who produce sustainable fishery products.